According to Napoleon hill think and grow rich The amazing power of imagination

According to Napoleon hill The amazing power of imagination by the book “think and grow rich”

Addressing the members of my fictional cabinet has changed according to the manner in which I have achieved the qualities of a particular type of character at that time. I have studied the record of his life with hardships and hard work, after the nightly work of several months, I am surprised to see this. It remains to be seen how these fictional characters became truly real.

Each of these nine people developed their personal characteristics, which surprised me. For example, Lincoln always developed a habit of delay, then in a serious parade, The habit of walking around, he always kept a sense of caution on his face, and rarely did I see him smiling.

This is not true about others. The bank and the pen often got entangled in such a quarrels, which caused the rest of the cabinet members to scare. Burbank came late on one occasion. When he came, he was excited about the excitement and he told that it was late because he came in He was using an experiment by which he hoped that he could grow apples on any tree.

Pain reminded him, reminding him that the problem between man and woman started due to apple. Darwin laughed loudly and he suggested that while going to collect apples in the woods, the pen should also be aware of the small snake, because they have a habit that they grow into big snakes. Emerson said, “Not a snake or an apple,” and Napoleon said, “Not an apple or a state! ”

These meetings became so realistic that I began to be scared of their results and I suspended them for months. This experience was so strange that I was scared that if I continued to keep them I would forget this fact. It was the first time that I had the courage to mention this.

So far, I remained silent on this subject because I had my own By the way, I knew that if I used to describe my unusual experience then I would be misunderstood. Now I bravely write my experience on the page printed because now I make less difference to the fact that “what people say While earlier I had to make a big difference from this.

I should not be misunderstood because I want to emphasize here too that I still have my cabinet meetings completely The admit imaginary but I think that even though members of my cabinet are completely imaginary and the meetings are only being imagined in my imagination, but because of them, the pleasant paths of adventure have opened in front of me, encouraged my creative efforts and my courage to express honest thoughts Increased

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