Best Cloud Hosting Provides with 1 Year Free Trial

Cloud Hosting: Introduction

Cloud hosting is one of the methods of using online virtual servers that can be created, modified, and destroyed whenever on demand easily. Cloud servers are provided many resources like CPU cores and memory by using the physical server that it’s hosted and can be configured with an operating system and software. Cloud hosting is used mainly for sending and storing emails, hosting websites, sending and storing emails, and distributing web-based applications to servers and many more. It mainly works on the concept that how virtualization works in cloud hosting and what are the components included in it.

It is a faster and more advanced form of Shared Hosting. It provides permissions to you to access cPanel, and is powered by robust Cloud Technologies. It also gives you the power to scale your RAM chip and CPU resources, and also maintaining the redundant copies of your storage that protect against disk failures.

Hosting Methods:

There are mainly two hosting methods used in cloud hosting which are given below as follows:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most common ways to get a small and simple site up and running. In this hosting, approximate hundreds or thousands of sites share mainly a common pool of server resources, like CPU and memory. This software is limited in use due to its shared nature.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the process when a physical server machine is sold or give to a single client. This is more flexible than shared hosting and easy to use. It has full control over the operating system, server’s hardware, and software configuration. Dedicated servers are commonly used among demanding applications such as commercial services like social media, online games, and development platforms and entertainment sites.

How Virtualization Works:-

Cloud hosting environments are divided into two main parts first, the virtual servers that websites and apps can be hosted on and the other is physical hosts that are used to manage the virtual servers. The main relationship between the virtual server and the host is that it provides flexibility and scaling.

 Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider with good service and compatible on different platforms it seems to be difficult nowadays because there are many cloud hosting providers are available in the market with different varieties which can fulfill our requirement easily. Here, we are going to discuss different Cloud Hosting Providers with a brief description which areas of the following that helps you to find the best among them 

  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Alibaba Cloud
  1. Amazon AWS:

We know that Amazon is the best online e-commerce platform in the world. It is the biggest cloud hosting provider in the market from previous times. Most of the big companies in our world prefer to use Amazon as their Web Hosting Provider. AWS uses integrated connected web services to provide a cloud-based platform to a different type of business. It also provides some other useful services to their customer in an efficient way.

  • Most of the companies like data processing, warehousing, game development, etc, always prefer to use Amazon Web Service as their host.
  • It can be easily operated on AWS from any platform such as mobile or desktop.
  • There are many features of AWS which are as follows 
  • Mobile-Friendly Access
  • It includes two important things, one is AWS Mobile Hub and another is AWS Mobile SDK.
  • AWS Mobile Hub

Amazon AWS works easily on both Android and IOS platforms and tells us how to use it. It also helps you to access AWS services like development, testing, and monitoring from mobile to access AWS application. It also includes some other features like push notification and content delivery.

  • AWS Mobile SDK

is easy access on Lambda, and DynamoDB, S3. The Mobile SDK supports various platforms such as IOS, Android, Web, React Native, Unity, etc directly from your App.

  • AWS Marketplace

It is the online marketplace store by AWS and here you can find hundreds of Softwares for your use. You can also buy easily, according to your business. It will take charge of you only for the software which is in use.

It provides you free and paid both software according to customers’ needs.

  • Serverless Cloud Functions

On Amazon AWS, you don’t need to worry about the server because the whole process is managed by AWS. AWS is designed in such an attractive way that it can handle more than one task at a time.

Here, your main aim is to focus on application development and apart from that, others will be managed by AWS. Server management such as scaling, patching, and administration of the infrastructure are done successfully by AWS.

  • Database

There are many databases provided by Amazon Aws which are given below as follows:

  • Relational Database: Used for Transactional Purposes
  • Non-Relational Database: Used For Internet-Scale related Applications
  • Data Warehouse: Mainly used for Analytics
  • In-memory data Store and ForCaching & Real-time workloads
  • Graph Database: Used for the Application highly connected with data
  • Storage

               The storage provided by Amazon is flexible, economical,  and easy to use.

  • Amazon Glacier: It is mainly used for long-term storage
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service: Provides a backup for object storage and analytics
  • The Amazon EBS: Provide us block-level storage volumes for persistent data storage which maintain its security in an efficient way.
  • Security and Compliance

While we talking about security then AWS is the best brand among all. That’s why customers always prefer to use AWS as cloud hosting.

  • Google Cloud:

We all know very well that, Google is a very famous and well-known brand in the world that provides good cloud hosting.

Many of the big businesses use Google Cloud as a web host because Google is the owner when we find any difficulties in web hosting. This Cloud also provides us aOne Year Free Trail with various Cloud Hosting Services. You can easily use it to check the quality and functionality of Google Cloud Hosting.

Features Of Google Cloud

There are many features Google Cloud from which Some of them are described below.

  1. No server management

Google will run and scale the code deployed by you without any one’s help. Here, the main thing is that You don’t need to do any task specifically, means you have only focus on your work. Google automatically has done the rest of the things.

  • Pay only while your code runs

In Google Cloud, You only have to pay whenever your codes run your executing. After executing the process you don’t need to pay any charges.

  • Scales automatically

It will easily manage your all functions according to workload.

  • Runs code in response to events

The main advantage is that, Here, You can run your code from any Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, and Firebase. Also, you can easily access it directly from any mobile, web, and backend application via HTTP.

  • Connects and extends services

This cloud provides, all the all Google Assistant, GCP, Firebase,  and any other 3rd-party cloud services are noted as building blocks. After that, it connects and extends all with the code, the process further rapidly.

  • Open and familiar

In Google Cloud, You don’t need to learn any special language for It. it supports many languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), Python, and Go.

  • Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure provides us the best tools and services to improve the productivity of any developer of its profession. It is mainly built for Microsoft platform with great features and functionalities. It can be used to manage mobile, Web, enterprise and Internet of Things APP. It is very helpful for IT developers.It has an excellent front-end interface management that is easily compatible with Windows and, Linux both. It also provides us a public cloud architecture that helps us in the IaaS field like the infrastructure of the cloud. It also provides some other services which run it smoothly and fast whenever any difficulties occur.

Microsoft Azure Features

There are many features of Microsoft Azure which are as follows

  • You can Build websites with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  • Deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machine both
  • Also, you can Migrate applications and infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Analytics
  • Hadoop
  • Includes SQL Database
  • Supports Virtual Network
  • Mobile Services
  • Media Services
  • Caching
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Benefits Of Microsoft Azure

  • Using Microsoft Azure Platform  you can easily create and deploy mobile and web applications. You can also take a backup of your data and save it in your cloud and use it whenever needed.
  • In Microsoft Azure, You can form a small application to a very large application on it without any difficulties. Nowadays,  Microsoft Azure is spread across 22 regions all over the world.
  • Here, You can build the program with  PHP, Node.js, or ASP.NET and deploy it with TFS, FTP, Github on Amazon Azure easily.
  • Both Windows and Linux machines run compatibly on Azure.
  • Here, You can also create, manage and distribute media in the cloud using Amazon Azure.
  • Alibaba Cloud:-

Alibaba Cloud Hosting provider is a leading e-commerce platform in China. it is available now in all over the world. It also contains its own hosting service called Alibaba Cloud.  This provider is also used by Google Cloud And Amazon AWS in a big organization.It provides you a one-year free trial on its cloud hosting plan. After that, you can easily continue on Alibaba Cloud by paying the charges.

Features Of Alibaba Cloud

It contains many important features which are as follows:

  1. Flexible Architecture

It contain a flexible architecture with good functionality and good quality of devices which is easy to use and don’t take heavy load as compares to others. It also maintain its performance and speed.

  • Single-Node Architecture:

 Using it you can easily perform flexible upgrading or downgrading for a single-node cluster in a very efficient manner. It is normally made up of cache.

  • Dual-Node Hot Standby Architecture:

In Alibaba Cloud synchronization between the master node and replica node done in real-time. If the master nodes fail to perform the operations on the system automatically and restores it on a replica from its data backup so that your business runs easily and smoothly in an efficient way.

  • Cluster Architecture:

In this architecture, every node uses a master and replica structure that works automatically and recover the disaster easily.

  • Data Security

It maintain our data secure and safe from malware attacks.

  • Persistent Data Storage:

 This contains a  large memory so that you can get high performance and done read and write operations easily.

  • Replica And Recovery:

 In these, The system keeps a backup of data every day so that it can be recovered from time to time whenever needed. Due to that, you will get better performance according to your needs.

  • Multi-layer Network Security Protection:

It contains, The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which is present in the transport layer.

  • It also contains a service to protect from Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.
  • This system has a collection of more than 1000 IPs to control risk management whenever we find any difficulties.
  • It also contains a password protection system to maintain its security.
  • Kernel Optimization:

All the kernels are optimized in the cloud in such a way that it gives you the best speed and perform


After analyzing all about Cloud Hosting we reach on the conclusion that, first we have to understanding of how cloud hosting works, including their relationship between the virtual servers and hypervisors. After that decide the process of virtualization and choose the best hosting for your needs.

Best Cloud Hosting Provides with 1 Year Free Trial

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