Biography of Albert Einstein and his early life, career, family, contribution and his death

Biography of Albert Einstein

The creator of modern physics, Albert Einstein, tried to understand the songwriting world in the most meaningful forms. In this regard, he said that “the word of words is written in a jirra form or it is said that there is no role in that form in my opinion. For the traditional terms or other signs, the second step should only be diligent when the game of relativity can be repeated again.

Early life of Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1979 in the small town of Ulk, Germany. His father’s name was Hermann Einstein and the mother’s name was Paul. Pauline loved his son very much and never used to go away from him. When Albert was three years old, a problem arose for his mother that he did not speak. Generally, three-year-olds learn to tutor and speak. Still mother did not expect the rods and taught to play it piano.

In his childhood, Albert was a quiet nature and shy kid and had no friends with him. She did not even like playing with the children living in her neighborhood. Albert’s parents started living. The children used to mimic the army parade on the streets of Munich, while [Albert Einstein] Albert spoke in Spihahis.

At that time, all the children who were at the time talked about the big hawker handbills, * Interested in new The food portion was made of heat and on the birthday of her parents gave her magnetic compass in the parking lot, she was very excited to see. When the needle of that magnetic Kampru remained silent towards North direction, there were questions in her mind that such a cry would have been from Albert’s childhood.

He was very smart in writing but he did not synergize with the teachers. No other Christian. Because of the reason that Christian boys in the school used to harass him, due to which he had come alone to his family. In his childhood, he had made the same mistake as Jiraka Nag v Ves Damele from which he used to speak his mind and would have left the rational question.

One day / ask Max 13 – How does sis work? “ESTA was not across North Max, and in this way, she had been interested in her physics from Wen.” Hai Vaacha Biwal was an engineer who had appeared in mathematics in Albert’s mind. Whenever there is some unknown thing in the cosmos to be amputated 8, this is to accept 4 in algebra and keep looking until it detects.

When Albert was 15 years old father of Iraq After having problems in the business, Jain had to stop the business, now her mother Pin went to the gymnasium school, looking for a job in Dilnar.

She took her family to Italy and she spent a lot of time in Italy, after her at the age of sixteen, in Switzerland, He was given a place to study in a school, where he started showing keen interest in physics, and he also got qualified 31 teachers, here he had found out the significance of Rakshabandh. Albert obtained a bachelor’s degree from Geirak.

Albert Einstein as a teacher:

After taking a bachelor’s degree, he thought about teaching the students, because of more knowledge of Via Levine Alertt, he did not get a job in the beginning. In 1902. Bert. Einstein found a temporary job in the city of Burnt in Wierzland.

Now he got a lot of time to write and publish his research articles. He received the degree of dwarfate. He started working hard to do and finally he got the degree of dietary title.

Albert Einstein as a scientist:

He was appointed professor at the University of Zurich and people started him great scientist singing. In 1905, at the age of 26, he presented the theory of relativity, which made him world renowned.

On the subject, he had only four articles, who changed the face of physics. The famous smelling of this principle is E = mc2. Due to Jirata, only nuclear power can be obtained. Due to this, the foundation of the electric power was laid. Due to this, research on soundtrack and TV should be done. Einstein received the world famous Nobel Prize for his search.

The whole world began praising Einstein and began to be held at the place – Sagaroh. Even after all this, he always lived with humility. Einstein believed in world peace and fervor, and this is why he was called Mahatma Gandhi as a great man. Einstein had the most grief in his life when the invention of nuclear power was later invented due to his scientific inventions, which destroyed cities such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Einstein’s Family:

In 1903, Albert Einstein married Marie Marie. Here are two sons Elbert And Eduai was born. Even before Einstein’s marriage, there was a daughter, Einstein had adopted, but died in his childhood.

On 14 February 1919 his Marik | Divorced, and in the same year they had married another. His second wife’s name was Elsa, but he also settled in 1936. Anyway his interest in family life was low and most of his time was spent in scientific research.

Einstein’s death:

On April 18, 1955, great scientist Albert Einstein died in the US city of New Jersey.
He continued his life till one end and he dedicated his life to the good of humanity. Even after all this, he could not become close friend because his goal was always to know about the universe. Einstein’s.

Due to the influence of talent, his brain was studied after death but some special facts were not available.

This is the Biography of Albert Einstein

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