History and biography of Adolf Hitler- his war and his rule, rise and downfall of his life

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History and biography of Adolf Hitler- his war and his rule, rise and downfall of his life

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was a famous German politician and dictator. He was the leader of the “National Socialist German Workers Party” (NSDAP). Ira Party is often referred to as the “Nazi Party” and ruled from Germany in 1933 until 1945. Hitler is considered to be the most responsible for World War II, when World War II took place, The army invaded Poland. France and Britain promised to provide security to Poland and according to the promise, both of them declared war on Nazi Germany

Biography of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. His early education took place in Linz, after the death of his father, he went to Vienna for 17 years, failing to enter the art school, After that, they started hating the communists and the Jews. He participated in many battles in France, due to injury in the war in 1918. He remained in the hospital, and he was greatly distressed by Germany’s defeat.

In 1918, he founded the Nazi party, with the purpose of communicating with the Communists and Jews. All rights had to be snatched. In its members, the patriotism was filled. This group blamed the Jews for the defeat of World War I When the Nazi party leader Hitler promised to correct him in his respective speeches due to the financial condition of the poor, many German became a member of this group. Hitler made the goal of making the land, ending the Versailles treaty and establishing a large German empire in front of the public so that the Germans could live happily.

Thus, in 1922 AD Hitler became an influential figure in He made Swastik the symbol of his party which is the auspicious symbol of Hindus, through newspapers, Hitler propagated the principles of his party in public. A soldier dressed in a brown dress dressed up 1923 AD Hitler tried to overthrow the German government.

They failed and they were put in jail. At the same time he wrote his autobiography called Mein Kampf (‘My struggle). In this, he discussed the principles of the Nazi party. He wrote that Arya race is superior to all castes and German Aryans are. They should lead the world. The Jews have always been stumbling in culture. The German people have complete authority to empire. By fighting France and Russia, they should get land to survive.

Unemployment increased in Germany in 1930-232 In the Parliament, the number of members of the Nazi Party was 230. In the election of 1932, Hitler did not get success in the presidential election. The economic condition of Germany deteriorated and the winning countries allowed it to increase military power.

After the Chancellor was elected president in 1933, Hitler broke the German parliament and declared the Communist Party an invalid and challenged the country to self-support. Hitler as his campaign minister Joseph Guebels was appointed. The opponent of the Nazi Party was kept in prison, the executive and the governor of Hitler governed all the powers.

In 1934, he declared himself the supreme judge. After the death of Hindenburg the same year becomes president The horror of the Nazi party was spread in every area of ​​life. Millions of Jews were murdered from 1933 to 1938 In the young men the feeling of obedience of the President was fully followed and Hitler took over the power to improve the fate of the German race.

Hitler left the League of Nations in 1933, and in keeping with the future war, started increasing the military power of Germany. Often all German castes were given military training. In 1934, there was a treaty between Germany and Poland to not invade each other. That same year, the Nazi party of Austria killed the Chancellor Dolphus. Due to this aggressive policy of Germany, countries like Russia, France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, have made mutual treaties for their safety. On the other hand, Hitler pledged to hold 35 percent of the bridges in the UK by making a treaty with Britain. Its aim was to keep Britain neutral in the future war, but in the year 1935 Britain, France and Italy condemned Hitler’s armament policy.

The following year, Hitler dissolved the Treaty of Bursai and sent his armies to take control of the territory of the Rhine river in the east of France. In 1937, Germany made a treaty with Italy and took possession of Austria in the same year. Hitler again wanted to take those regions of Czechoslovakia, most of whom were German.

Britain, France and Italy forced Hitler to give these territories to Czechoslovakia with a Munich agreement to satisfy Hitler. Hitler also took control of the remainder of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Then Hitler made a treaty with Russia, the eastern part of the pole gave it to him and his armies occupied the western part of Poland. Britain sent its forces to protect Poland Thus began World War II.

After the defeat of France, Hitler thought of establishing his sovereignty over the Room Sea by treating Mussolini. After this Germany invaded Russia. When America joined the World War II, Hitler 1939; s strategic position began to worsen. Hitler’s military officers started plotting against him. When Russians attacked Berlin, Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Due to the narrow policy of the winner nations of World War I, the Swabimini German nation had to adopt aggressive policy under Hitler’s leadership.

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