What is Black Magic

What is Black Magic?

When the name of black magic comes out, the Bengal state of India starts roaming in the brain, but you will be surprised to know that more black magic than India is used in Africa. Africa’s black magic is known as Voodoo. Its main feature is the body parts and effigies of animals used in it. Those people who have been using for years, but even today, for general public, this education is a mystery. Let’s know what happens to black magic and its related secrets.

How to perform black magic?

According to tantra science, this is a very rare process which is done in very special circumstances. To do this, higher level expertise is needed and few people are able to do it. In this process an idol that looks like a doll, is used. Which is made from various types of food such as gram flour, urad flour etc. It is destroyed by special mantras. After that the pupil is awakened with the name of the person who has to do magic.

Voodoo is called in Africa and other countries?

It is believed that in 1847, the Voodoo Devi named Erjuli Dantar was transmitted on a tree. It was considered a goddess of beauty and love. Here he has removed the diseases and troubles of many people from his magic. A Catholic priest did not like it all, he ordered it to be cut off from the tree trunk by treating it as a blasphemy. After this, local people made idols here and started worshiping the idol here.

Used animal parts

Voodoo is mainly used in animal parts. In this, animal parts are claimed to solve the problem. With this magic, the ancestors’ spirit can be called in some body and can do their work. Apart from this, the effigy is also used to treat the person’s disease and problems sitting away. Those who know Voodoo believe that every living being on earth is full of power. Therefore, they can be cured by using their energy. Voodoo animals such as monkeys, crocodiles, goats, camels, lanyards, lizards, leopards etc. are used in the use.

What is black magic?

The experts believe that this magic is nothing but a bunch of energy. Which is sent from one place to another or is sent by another person to another person. This can be understood by Law of Conservation of Energy. According to which “energy may be transformed from one form to another, but it can not be created or destroyed” If asked in Hindi then energy can not be created nor can it be eliminated. Only its form can be changed in the other form. If there is positive use of energy, then there is also negative use. Atharva Veda of Sanatan Dharma is dedicated to the use of energies only for positive and negative things. You have to understand that energy is energy only, it is neither divine, nor satanic. You can make anything from it – god or devil It’s like electricity, it’s like electricity. Is electricity divisible or satanic, good or bad? When it illuminates your home, it is divine.

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